Talent Management

Talent Management means rather than simply filling job vacancies Goldtech Resources uses IT talent arbitrage to bring better opportunities for our clients, thereby increasing our clients’ certainty of success. The simple fact is there are more job vacancies than quality candidates available. This makes a broad spectrum of human resource functions particularly challenging, from staffing, recruitment and executive searches to training, administration and talent retention. As a talent provider with in-house experience in training and managing HR functions, we work closely with clients and HR teams to maximize the value proposition in the talent management process. Our outsourcing support is designed to provide clients with the services they need to properly manage the cost of ownership.

At Goldtech Resources, we strive to make Outsourcing relevant. We make sure the “the solution” that we provide will provide results that exceed expectations and set the tone for all future outsourced solutions to follow. Goldtech Resources, an ultimate solution partner.

Goldtech Resources is a service provider specialized in 3 areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment
  • Career Counselling

The difference between other recruiting companies and us is we see this business as talent management, not simply recruiting. As human capital engineers, we actively source talent internationally. We adopt global best practices in our selection and recruitment activities. Further, we provide value-added services such as career counselling for candidates and outplacement services for corporate clients undergoing restructuring.

Executive Search

The impact, influence and results that top executives bring into the organizations are enormous. The very fact that they strategize, innovate and shape the directions of the organization reflect upon the type of characteristics, charisma and skill that they need to have in order to shoulder the responsibilities their roles brings about. Goldtech Resources understands the stringent hiring criteria and the difficulties in selecting the correct executives. Through our in-depth understanding of our client’s business needs, along with our network and talent bank, Goldtech Resources will be able to find you the leader that you need.


Goldtech Resources recruitment practices are divided into 3 categories; contingency, contractual and retainer services. With contingency recruitment, Goldtech Resources manages and absorbs the entire cost of the recruitment process, which includes all advertising and screening of candidates. The client pays a fee when the successful candidate takes up the appointment. Goldtech Resources provides contractual and technical professionals ranging from admin, accounts, construction, drivers, helpdesk officer, system support, network and database administrators to application developers, systems analysts, project managers, managed services and etc. by sending short and long-term experienced professionals to our clients’ organizations, our client would become more effective at maintaining their core business without having to worry about administrative and personnel concerns. Goldtech Resources retainer practice helps to develop and execute a holistic recruitment strategy and campaign. Most often used in executive searches and key postings, we prepare and place exclusive advertisements on our client’s behalf as well as screen and shortlist the most appropriate candidates. Exhaustive recruitment and selection processes are provided, which may include use of proprietary candidate profiling software and assessment exams. The client retains exclusive access to the candidates. In such cases, the client also benefits from the large database of candidates sourced by Goldtech Resources through our extensive and ongoing advertising campaigns at no additional cost.

Career Counselling

We provide career and job placement counselling for candidates evaluating job opportunities and career direction. This is where our candidates become our clients.

We provide professional advice, service and support to qualified candidates in securing the ideal job posing that is in line with career ambitions. Goldtech Resources will assign a senior consultant upon engagement. Counselling service covers the full spectrum of job-hunting, from initial preparations to negotiating compensation packages. Through in-depth interviews and assessment exercises, our consultant will assist the candidate in developing a career strategy and communications action plan. Our recruiting team will manage campaign activities such as resume distribution, targeted mailings, arranging personal introductions and interviewing schedules. Guidance on interviewing techniques, job scope and industry options are also provided.

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